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Global logistics company uses Human Risks to ensure compliance with standars, report incidents and keep an overview of risks and mitigations across multiple asset types.


Global logistics company uses Human Risks to ensure compliance with standars, report incidents and keep an overview of risks and mitigations across multiple asset types.

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Find out how you can streamline the entire security risk management process in accordance with the ISO31000 standard. 

Make data-based decisions

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of all the available data, allowing you to make fully informed decisions.

Human Risks Dashboard - the main page
Human Risks Dashboard - the main page


IKEA Denmark & Human Risks

IKEA uses Human Risks to monitor and maintain rigorous security standards. Implementing the platform increased the ownership of security among stakeholders and provided a quick and easy way to record and access data. 

It is easy to monitor because I don’t have these pieces of paper on my desk every day. I go into the web app and it is all there.

Stephen Fagan – Risk and Compliance Manager at IKEA Group


Human Risks’ integrated modules provide you with a scalable tool best suited to your needs. You can choose from a range of different functionalities or use the platform as a complete all-in-one solution.

Tasks will help you actively reinforce your security standarts, creating actionable steps that can be linked to other parts of the platform. They have a built-in review process that improves workflow and compliance.

Get valuable data with this module – access and manage internal and external incident reports. External data providers and customizable forms and our subscription feature make this module handy.  

The BIA module allows you to take a deep dive into your organizational structure and identify critical assets, resources and operations. With the BIA, you can set MTPD, RTO and indentify single points of failure. 

Set and automate your Business Continuity Plans with the BCP module. Choose specific activation criteria and assign roles and responsibilities, so that when a disruption happens, everyone is clear on what to do and who to contact.

Crisis Management module has automated notification and integrated log and task functionalities to keep track of every decision. Automatically send pre-defined tasks to the crisis management team whenever you activate a BCP, to alwasy stay on of top the situation.


It will prompt you to activate a BCP based on the activation criteria and relevant incident reports.

Keep your risk assessments always updated and in one place with the Risk Assessment module. In line with the ISO31000 best practices standards, this module allows you to identify risks, evaluate treatments and manage responsibilities.

This module allows you to create and send out questionnaires, independently or as a part of a scheduled task. The logic within questionnaires allows you to automatically raise issues and assign corrective actions, documenting your compliance automatically. 

Mass Communication is a module that allows to send predefined messages in times of emergency, notifiying and guiding people to safety. It has a live chat function as well as GPS tracking available.