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IKEA uses Human Risks to monitor and maintain rigorous security standards. Implementing the platform increased the ownership of security among stakeholders and provided a quick and easy way to record and access data.

About IKEA

Stephen Fagan – Risk and Compliance Manager at IKEA Group – has stressed the importance of ensuring that the environment the customers and employees enter is safe and secure at all times.

“They can only do good and safe business if they have a good and safe environment”

The essential factor in ensuring that is making sure that everything is diligently documented, and that each process and safety audit is accounted for. To achieve that, security standards and processes have to be carefully managed and constantly reinforced. This can be done in a number of ways (some more effective than others), but IKEA decided to take a step further and invest in a long-term solution, utilizing the available technology.

Human Risks at IKEA

IKEA uses the Tasks module, which was previously known as Audits. It allows for an easy and convenient way to monitor and maintain security standards, while also increasing engagement amongst employees who conduct the checks on a daily basis. This is possible thanks to the functional interface of the platform, which makes it easy to use even for those who are not familiar with security risk management matters. 

Now everything is securely documented and the overall compliance levels are further improved. This, in turn, increases the ownership of security and helps to actively implement the security culture in the workplace, making it a vital part of the organization.

By using Human Risks, IKEA has not only managed to increase the overall security of their sites, employees and customers, but also improve on the existing processes. By doing so, IKEA could save time and money that could have be of better use elsewhere, enabling the business to grow and expand in a safe and secure environment. 

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