Manage your team

Workflow better

Actively reinforce your security standards 


High quality assurance

You can assess risks and identify security controls, but how do you make sure they are actually implemented and continue to be effective? Create tasks across the platform’s features to ensure that your organization follows up on actions identified in your security risk management program.

Tasks module front page
Tasks Module - task view


Smooth workflow management

Say goodbye to emails, excel sheets and manual data collection. The Tasks module is easy to use and makes delegating responsibilities across your organization easier than ever. With different user roles, you can confidently manage your team and deliver the best possible results. 


Safe and secure compliance

Tasks ensure both the assignor and assignee are automatically notified about upcoming/overdue tasks, while our advanced review feature provides detailed, automated reporting on every step of the process. With all data collected in one place, nothing is unaccounted for. 

Task module - generate a pdf report

Never miss anything

The Task module will ensure that nothing is going to slip past you. Whether there is a deadline coming up, a questionnaire to fill out, or a pending review, automatic notifications got you covered. 


Never miss a deadline again

Mobile app

Complete your tasks on the go

Complete audit trail

Every action is logged and saved

We are here to help

We know the feeling of starting with something completely new and switching from an outdated solution to something much more advanced. It can be overwhelming!

We have created excellent resources to help you through the onboarding process. And if that’s not enough, we are only a click away on the chat.

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