About us

Who we are

Since 2015, we at Human Risks are tirelessly striving to provide the best solution for security risk managers. Our experience working with a diverse group of global organizations has provided us with great insight into the needs and wants of the industry. We provide not only a complete all-in-one tool to support all your security risk management processes, but also complimentary, constant support.

What we stand for

Here at Human Risks, we believe that security risk management is a vital part of your organization. We are convinced that with the right tools you will be able to add value and support the business objectives.

Instead of relying on outdated solutions, technology should actively assist security risk professionals, allowing them to increase productivity, lower operational costs and protect their organization.


The people behind Human Risks

The Human Risks team has a broad range of skills, coming from diverse backgrounds in technology, management, marketing, cyber and physical security risk management. Our combined experience enables us to provide you with unparalleled service, insights and support. 

Mads Pærregaard


Jacob Frost Holm Boeskov

Compliance Manager

Paula Riera Monleon

Customer Success & Marketing Assistant

Rositaa-Melani Sinnathurai

Customer Success Manager

Alex Bursuc

Customer Support Agent

Samuel Bednarčík

Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Julia Trenka

Marketing Coordinator

Akos Madarasz

Software Developer

Kasper Stenholt Winkler

Software Developer

Chaudri Mohsin Ali

Software Developer

Algent Aliu

Software Developer

Tamer Berat Celik

Software Developer