Identify your

Critical assets

Take the first step to ensuring business continuity


BIA - Business Impact Analysis

Create an overview of all your products, activities, processes and resources needed for your business operations. For each asset, you can easily assign values for the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTDP).

BIA map view
BIA - units overview


Understand your organization

The BIA module allows you to quickly analyze the weakest links of the entire production chain and pinpoint single points of failure. Therefore you will be able to focalise the need for specific recovery plans according to your risk tolerance.


Prioritize critical assets and operations

With the BIA module, your business will finally have that overview of all production and service lines that will quickly help prioritise mitigating measures and company resources. This will decrease the costs and will help to maintain the continuity of your operations.

BIA - unit view - MTPD and RTO


The module can be used independently but is a natural part of the entire Business Continuity Management package, thus works perfectly in conjunction with the Business Continuity Plans module and the Crisis Management module.

Business Continuity Plans

Prepare business continuity plans and activate them when needed.

Crisis Management

Manage and document crises to respond quickly and effectively. 

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