Human Risks Insights: March!

What’s new in the  Human Risks Platform this month?

Global Subscriptions!🔔


Exciting news is in the works! Our team is diligently crafting a new feature for subscriptions that will transform the way you receive incident alerts. Gone are the days of location-specific restrictions – soon, you’ll have the power to create subscriptions and receive alerts globally. This enhancement ensures a more comprehensive and flexible approach to incident monitoring, allowing you to stay informed across multiple locations.

Completion Date in Risk Assessments!🗓️

Our team is hard at work developing a groundbreaking feature: Completion Dates in Risk Assessments.


  • Simplify Your Workflow:

Picture this – the ability to seamlessly add a completion date once your Risk Assessment is wrapped up. This feature is designed to streamline your workflow, making risk management more intuitive and efficient.


  • Why Completion Dates Matter:

Keeping track of progress is crucial in risk management. With Completion Dates, you gain a powerful tool to mark the conclusion of your assessments, providing organization and clarity to your risk mitigation efforts.


Form builder headings📄

Our team is cooking up a fantastic update for the Form Builder: Customizable Headings for Sections.


  • Your Forms, Your Way:

Prepare to take control with personalized headings for each section. This upcoming feature empowers you to tailor your forms to perfection, ensuring they meet your unique needs.


  • Effortless Editing with “Edit” Button:

Creating and customizing sections is about to become a breeze! The introduction of an intuitive “Edit” button means you can add and modify headlines effortlessly, putting the control right at your fingertips.

Exciting Features at Your Fingertips - Try Them, Out Now!🌟

New Integration Ready! – Mandatory  Threats & Treatments🔒🛡️🚨

we are excited to share a significant update: the implementation of mandatory treatments, a feature designed to fortify the integrity of our risk assessment procedures.


  • The Power of Mandatory Treatments:

We’re proud to announce that this much-anticipated feature is now live! With mandatory treatments, you can elevate your risk management strategy to new heights. This enhancement allows you to seamlessly integrate treatments as a vital component of your risk assessment process.

  • A Non-Negotiable Layer of Security:

Once set, these treatments become an integral part of your risk assessment framework, adding a non-negotiable layer of security. The beauty of this feature lies in its simplicity – treatments, once incorporated, cannot be deselected✅. This ensures that your risk mitigation strategies are consistent and aligned with your organizational objectives.

“Not Processed” Treatments in Risk Assessments!🚨⌛

Our latest update introduces a game-changing feature: “Not Processed” Treatments in Risk Assessments.


  • Stay Informed in Real Time:

Now, effortlessly monitor both mandatory and processed treatments, gaining a real-time view of when they are added and processed.


  • Recommendation Box Alerts:

Our new Recommendation box ensures you’re always in the loop. Receive suggestions when threats and treatments are not processed, keeping your risk management strategy on track.

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