Unveiling the Best of 2023 & a Glimpse into the Future of Human Risks in 2024!

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                           🎄Merry Christmas and Happy New Year🎄


First of all, thank you for being an essential part of our journey as we continue to explore the possibilities and shape the future of our platform. Your support is invaluable as we look ahead to developing new products and features that will redefine your experience.

We are thrilled to bring you a sneak peak of the future updates and enhancements for this 2024, to our platform, that will further empower you in safeguarding your business and assets. Let’s see what lies ahead of this new year to come! 🎅🎉🎁

What's Coming?🚀

1️⃣ Mandatory Treatments in Risk Assessment


We understand the critical nature of risk assessments, and to further strengthen the integrity of the process, we have introduced mandatory treatments. Once it’s live, going forward, you will be able to set treatments as an integral part of the risk assessment, and they cannot be deselected. This enhancement ensures that your risk assessments are comprehensive and aligned with the highest standards of safety and security.✅

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2️⃣ History of changes – Risk Assessment📖:


We are currently in the development phase of a cutting-edge feature designed to provide you with unparalleled insights of the changes made in the Risk Assessments over time. The feature will enable you to see how threats have changed over time inside a Risk Assessment.

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3️⃣ Sub Assets📝 :


We are working on the Sub Assets  feature that will constitute a pioneering function that will enable the meticulous breakdown and categorization of diverse components within a Risk Assessments. Conceptualize this innovation as a sophisticated mechanism for organizing and overseeing multiple assets cohesively within the confines of a singular Risk Assessment, moreover, you can get threats and treatments suggested based on specific sub assets that are a part of a Risk Assessment. This functionality we are working on affords users a heightened level of detail and a more comprehensive perspective on their risk landscape.🌐


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💫Sneak Peak into 2024!💫

❄️Form Builder in the Risk Assessments

We heard your request loud and clear: you wanted the ability to customize Risk Assessment fields with your own input. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that now you can add the extra data that matters most to you in your RA! 🛠️


❄️Charts showing Questionnaire data

Exciting news! In 2024, we will optimize our Questionnaire charts more. You will be able to see charts for more question types than what is currently available!🚀 This will help you make the most of the aggregated data you collect inside of the Human Risks platform!


❄️Wizard Guide to create a Risk Assessment

We are looking into adding guided flows on how to use our Risk Assessments functionality. Now, navigating risk assessments is a breeze with built-in guidance. No more guesswork—just a smoother, more intuitive experience. Here’s to streamlined processes in 2024!

Let's rewind into the best of 2023!⌛


📣Join us for a trip down memory lane as we revisit the year’s most amazing features! These game-changing updates revolutionized how we work and play, setting the bar higher than ever before. From cutting-edge tech to user-friendly interfaces, get ready to be amazed by this year’s incredible advancements!❗

❄️Sibylline Integration!

This 2023 the Sibylline integration went live! If you have a partnership integrated with Sibylline, you can access it directly from our platform. This enhancement will streamline your workflow and provide you with even more valuable insights. 🚀📈

❄️Enhanced Tracking Feature 🗺️:

Tracking and managing incidents are now a breeze! 🌪️ We revamped our Tracking feature based on your feedback. Since October 2023, you can create customized routes to filter incident reports more effectively. Whether it’s monitoring travel 🚗 or other specific routes, this update allows you to focus on incidents that matter most to your operations.

❄️ Introducing the “Viewer” Role: Stay Informed, Stay Secure🔒

For 2023 we designed a New role! The user role lets executives access risk insights without accidental changes. We’re calling it “Viewer”, with this role you can see everything from the divisions you have access to, without any accidents!

Happy Holidays!🎁

Thank you for choosing Human Risks! 🤗🌍

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