Prevent industrial espionage with these free templates

Making sure that information is handled securely might be a challenge, especially while many employees are still working from home. With staff using their personal computers and processing sensitive company data in a home environment, it may be easier for unauthorized entities to gain access to those pieces of information. This makes the risk of industrial espionage higher.

To help you ensure that all information is appropriately managed across your organization, we’ve created a free download pack that includes:

  • Threat description template for unauthorized information access, complete with a threat evaluation guide

  • Treatment template for general information security guidelines, including physical and IT security measures

  • Treatment template for an information classification policy

For Human Risks users, these templates are available for download from the threat and treatment template libraries, where you can easily edit them to fit your organization.

Want to get more free templates and guides? Check out our free management resources and security templates.

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