Total Overview – Always Updated!

We believe that the risk assessment is the fundamental discipline for all activities, and that value is best delivered, when people are involved in the risk management process.

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In more detail…

Human Risks ensures updated information, involvement of stakeholders, supports decision making and saves resources by automating manual processes and bringing all relevant information together in one central platform that helps you to:

  • Identify and assess threats based on global incident data, continuously updated country analysis and notifications when the security situation changes.
  • Reduce cost through cost-benefit based analysis and selection process of mitigating measures.
  • Manage the implementation of mitigating measures by assigning tasks and deadlines.
  • Collect incident reports across your entire organisation.
  • Keep track of documents and review dates

All this information can be directly related to your risk assessments giving essential contextual information and ensures an always updated overview.

In the near future!

We are always working to improve the platform. We want to push the boundaries of risk management and are currently researching how crisis management, user data, learning and gamification can increase the value of the Human Risks platform.

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