Do you even code? | Behind the Scenes of the Human Risks platform

The Human Risks platform is built upon thousands of lines of code. Literally thousands – to be precise it is 94 thousand lines for the frontend and 137 thousand for the backend.

But to take an idea and translate it into reality is rarely an easy task. Our fantastic team of dedicated developers is often presented with a new concept, idea or a need, that then they aim to transform into a working, suitable solution within the Human Risks platform.

It all starts when one of our clients expresses the need for a new platform functionality that would be able to support certain processes present in the structure of the organization. Through brainstorming and ongoing dialogue, our team clarifies the idea and begins to work.

The process from the initial concept to the Minimal Viable Product is fairly complex, and its length depends on the specificities of the project. Throughout it all, our team stays in close contact with the client, to ensure that the new functionality will meet their need and expectations.

The final tests, reviews and adjustments are the last chance to change something before the new feature is released, and becomes available to toggle on or off for the platform Admins.

By keeping the end-users close and listening intently to their wants and needs, we can ensure functional, practical and useful platform features that will serve our customers well.

Stay tuned for the release of new modules and functionalities!

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