Mastering ISO27001: A Deep Dive into Information Security with Jacob Frost

Today we talked with Jacob Frost Holm Boeskov, the newest member of our team, about the importance of information security and his experience working at Human Risks.

Jacob Frost Holm Boeskov

Jacob enjoys playing the drums and fishing, plus is an expert on everything information-security related, including the road to ISO27001 certification.

  1. What is your academic background and how would you describe your role at Human Risks?

    I got my bachelor’s degree in Language and International Studies at Aalborg University. During this time, I discovered that I had an interest in the underlying security aspect of international studies, and thus I decided to take my master’s degree in International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark. When applying for an internship position, I was offered a study job at Human Risks in which I would handle compliance management, primarily focused on working on getting us ready for the ISO27001 ISMS certification. The importance of information security is an increasing factor in both public and private organisations, and the concerns and problems that follow have been something I have wanted to work with for a while.

  2. How do you think the approach to information security has changed over the recent years?

    As systems of information evolve and get more advanced, so does the threat that inappropriate use of corporate and private information can pose to the safety of these entities, even more so with the political, economic, and ideological power struggles that the world faces not just now, but constantly. Every bit of organisational, institutional, and private information plays a part in the greater scope of how the international economy and political endeavours are shaped, and therefore it is important to know how this information is secured and handled. Learning to work effectively with information security is a vital aspect of successful organisations and institutions, for the benefit of all but the ones with malicious intentions. While confidential information has always been important to keep safe, the increasing political agendas on the exploitation of information have become, or should become, a concern for all organisations across the globe, coupled of course, with the threat from ill-intended independent actors, who could seek to sell or use the information in other ways. Legal frameworks and international ISMS are crucial things for every organisation with a digital footprint to understand and comply with, both for their own sake and for the sake of the success of the larger cooperative global framework.

  3. Can you tell us more about the ISO 27001 standard?

    The ISO27001 standard is a useful tool for conducting a risk assessment of information security. The external certification ensures that the internal audits, policies and procedures are sufficient to keep both client and organisational information secure, which is of the utmost importance.

  4. What do you like the most about working within the Human Risks team? 

    In the short time that I’ve been at Human Risks, I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive work environment. I enjoy the clear assignment of individual responsibility by the management, with clear communication on what tasks need to be done, and a positive and open atmosphere in the office.

  5. How do you see the role of our platform change or develop in the near future? Do you have any specific functionalities on your wishlist? 

    As the Human Risks platform offers an effective management tool for primarily physical security measures, I think it holds great potential to be translated into the world of cyber security. As stated before, information, and in extension, cyber security is where the next big development of risk assessment needs to be conducted, and I believe that the Human Risks platform offers a way to tackle this aspect of security as well.

We will stay in touch with Jacob and keep you updated on the progress towards obtaining the ISO27001 certification.

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