Human Risks Insights: May!

What’s new in the  Human Risks Platform this month?

Global Search🔎 – For an effortless search

We’re excited to unveil Global Search! As a user, you’ll have the convenience of pressing a hotkey (cmd/ctrl + k), instantly opening a search bar that allows you to search within Risk Assessments and Incident Reports to find what you are looking for effortlessly. Access information across the platform with ease and efficiency like never before!

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Customizable Fields☑️– In your Risk Assessments!

Introducing Risk Assessment Custom Fields, a feature similar to incident report custom fields. With Risk Assessment Custom Fields, you have the flexibility to add custom fields directly to your Risk Assessment creation process, tailoring and customizing your risk assessments to your specific needs.


Try these new features - They are out!

Global Subscriptions Now Available! 🔔

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Global Subscription feature: Say goodbye to location-specific restrictions as you embrace a new era of incident alert management. With global subscriptions, you have the freedom to create subscriptions and receive alerts from anywhere in the world. Now it’s out for enhanced incident monitoring and stay informed across multiple locations effortlessly.  Try it out today!


Incident Report Filtering: Exciting New Feature on the Horizon☑️


Get ready for a major upgrade in incident reporting! We’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing enhancement to our Incident Reports filtering system.


Say goodbye to complex navigation with our streamlined approach. With just one dropdown menu, you have the power to select an incident category and instantly access the corresponding incident types. No more digging through layers of menus or toggling between screens – everything you need is now at your fingertips.


This enhancement promises to revolutionize your incident reporting experience, providing you with quick and efficient access to vital information within Incident Reports.


This feature is out now so don’t miss to try it out!

Completion Date Now Available in Risk Assessments! 🗓️


We’re thrilled to announce that our latest feature, Completion Date, is now live and ready for you to try out in Risk Assessments! This valuable addition simplifies your workflow by allowing you to easily add a completion date once your Risk Assessment is finished.


Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements!

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