Human Risks Insights: February!

What’s new in the  Human Risks Platform this month?

Processed Treatments – in Risk Assessment ✅


Recognizing the critical nature of risk assessments, we want to introduce a pivotal update to fortify the integrity of the process. Going forward, our team will be working on the treatments that are processed – meaning you can see when they have been added but also once they have been processed & the Recommendation box will show when threats & treatments are not processed!


This improvement guarantees that your risk evaluations are not just comprehensive but also in accordance with the utmost safety and security standards. By knowing which treatments are processed or not, we are strengthening a proactive stance on risk management, empowering your team to identify, evaluate, and deal with potential risks in a more thorough manner.

History of Changes-  in Risk Assessment 📖


Currently, our dedicated team is actively engaged in the intricate process of developing a cutting-edge functionality that is meticulously designed to provide users with unparalleled insights into the dynamic evolution of changes within Risk Assessments over an extended period. This innovative feature is poised to revolutionize the way users interact with and understand risk management by offering a comprehensive view of how threats undergo transformations within the framework of a Risk Assessment throughout its entire historical trajectory. Through this sophisticated functionality, users will be empowered to delve deeper into the nuances of risk analysis, gaining a heightened understanding of the intricate patterns and shifts in threats that unfold over time within the context of their Risk Assessments (1)

Sub Assets – in Risk Assessments📃


In the ongoing phases of developing new features, our dedicated team is placing significant emphasis on crafting and refining the revolutionary Sub Assets feature. This new addition is going to be more than just a mere upgrade;  this innovative feature is set to introduce a groundbreaking function, one that will seamlessly facilitate the meticulous breakdown, classification, and organization of the diverse components encapsulated within a Risk Assessment.


This function opens up a  lot of possibilities, empowering you with the capability to conduct in-depth analysis of specific sub assets within your Risk Assessments. Imagine a dynamic system that not only comprehensively categorizes various elements but with this feature, you’ll have the ability to receive tailored recommendation for threats and treatments based on the specific sub assets incorporated into your Risk Assessments based on the these sub assets.

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New Integration Ready! – Mandatory  Threats & Treatments🔒🛡️🚨


We’re thrilled to announce that the Sibylline integration is now live! If you have a partnership integrated with Sibylline, you can access it directly from our platform. This enhancement will streamline your workflow and provide you with even more valuable insights.

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