5 minutes with Mathias Jensen

We caught up with Mathias Jensen, Business Continuity expert and co-founder of Leading BCM, to get his views on resilience, the threat landscape and business continuity misconceptions.

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  1. What is a positive thing that happened over the past year?

    Work-life balance has become a massive topic, and the more flexible work models that larger organizations are using are good news both for the companies and for the employees. There are different risks to consider when your employees sit at home and work, but overall I believe it creates better environments for both parties involved.

  2. How do you see the threat landscape evolving in the next five years?

    Climate change will create a whole landscape of new threats that can be as diverse as political instability and extreme weather events. The American political landscape is still unstable and can also cause more extensive disruption if it becomes more unstable.

  3. What do you wish people would start understanding about Business Continuity?

    Business Continuity is seen as a paper exercise that needs to be completed as part of a regulatory demand or institutional demand; this is the biggest misconception today. BCM can be an effective tool for collecting information relating to the company’s most critical processes that other analyses cannot comprehend. And of course, business continuity can be a supporting factor in case of serious disruptive events.

  4. What is the biggest threat companies should be paying attention to coming into the second half of 2021?

    Supply chain management is a massive area in which threats can lie hidden at this time. Computer parts are exceedingly scarce and are needed in everything from refrigerators to cars to, of course, computers.

  5. What do you think companies should have in place to mitigate this threat?

    Ensuring that you have adequate plans that contain alternative strategies in case specific parts or products are unavailable will help companies potentially avoid severe disruption and even get them ahead of competitors without these plans in place.

  6. What football team do you support?

    Real Madrid and Brøndby IF

  7. Team Dogs or Team Cats?


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